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Using pip

The krypton module can be installed from the PyPI repository using

pip install krypton-ml

It is always recommended to use a new virtualenv for using Krypton.

Starting Server

Once the package is installed, you can start the Krypton Model server using Krypton CLI

krypton server
  • For the first time, the krypton model server would try to create directory at ~/krypton/models by default.
  • This will vary depending upon the kind of os you are using.

The location can look like these for each operating system:

  • Mac: /Users/<user_name>/krypton/models
  • Linux: /home/<user_name>/krypton/models
  • Windows: C:\Users\<user_name>\krypton\models

This path can be modified to a custom location by setting KRYPTON_APP_ROOT value to any valid location where you want krypton server to setup the models directory.

The server would be started at PORT 7000 by default, and it can be accessed at http://localhost:7000


The krypton server's port can be changed by setting a custom port number to KRYPTON_APP_ROOT env variable.

Krypton CLI